The Cyclones

Playing a hih-energy mix of Original Tunes & Clasic Hits from the 1950s on, in Rockabilly Style.


When it’s time to rock, it’s time for the CYCLONES!!  It’s our business to bring the fun to any venue, and business is good.  Four friends, with an extensive musical background, together for the sole purpose of bringing “Good Times”  to the people.  Many have called our group one of the most powerful bands they have ever seen.  You won’t just hear the music, you’ll feel it!!  (We are not talking about being loud, even though, we have an extremely powerful, state of the art, sound system and light show. ) Our passion for music can be seen, felt and experienced every time we play!!

Headed up by none other than national recording artist, JASON “LIGHTNING” LEE, on lead guitar and lead vocals. Jason not only ROCKS & ROLLS, he also writes!!   Rockin’ the Bass is JIMMY WOOD. He’s one cool cat as he “walks the dog”. On drums is ALAN ELAM, layin’ down the groove, so that your feet will move.  On mandolin, guitar, lite percussion and vocals is LINDA MARIE, she loves to dance and sing and brings her “punk rock roots” to the Rockabilly stage.



This is a Rockabilly band and we play a high-energy mix of original tunes and your favorite hits from the 1950s on!!  The Cyclones band is also available “Unplugged” as a duo or trio.  We can accommodate your musical needs and  will tailor our production to the venue.

We also have our own stage and enough equipment to put on outdoor concerts, and extensive wardrobe for any occasion.  Most songs are choreographed so be prepared to laugh. Not only do we play music, we have an awesome stage show as well.  Get ready to dance, relax, sing along, laugh and have a good time.  Get ready for the CYCLONES!!!

The Cyclones Band was originally founded in Georgia, by Jason Lee.  When he moved to Florida, he started the New Smyrna Beach chapter of the band, and we are going strong.  It’s an exciting time as we are in the studio recording.  We will keep you posted in our blog!

Thank you to all of our fans and those who faithfully come out to support us!! We owe all our great times TO YOU!!  We look forward to seeing you at the next show!   “YAY FOR THE BAND!!”



To book the band you can reach out to us via email at:

Or call:

Jason Lee 404-374-9024

Linda Marie 386-847-4965